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A little bit of rebellion is good for the soul.

Vintage Rock Rebellion.


Hey you, yes, you reading this. My name is Emily, and I'm 15 this year. My previous account was known as starcross256 so, this is my new account. Feel free to add me if you've known me from my past journal. My hobbies include dance, writing, fire twirling and cheerleading, but my favourite thing to do is to write, so you can expect a lot of fan fiction from Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Harry Potter. I'm fine with anything except for one ground rule: Do not copy my work. If you do so, you will probably be mutilated and decapitated. Oh, and TV shows I enjoy include Glee (Love, love, love!) 90210, and criminal minds. Now, feel free to enjoy my journal. Bear in mind though, comment to be added back. My pretty header image belongs to www.beautyineverything.com and my mood theme is made by sherbetdrop Thanks guys!

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